My Top 5 Favorite Date Night Ideas For Any Time of the Year

Sharing my top 5 favorite date night ideas that are perfect for any season or time of the year! Pick & plan an exciting & romantic evening to spend quality time with your significant other. 🤍

My top 7 date night ideas for any time of the year.

Themed Dinner

This is hands down one of my favorite date night ideas that can make any mundane work week exciting! Do everything from creating the menu, writing out the grocery list, grocery shopping, to preparing the meal together. Don’t forget to also light candles, play music, and set the table according to your theme. Who says date nights can’t also be productive?!

Taco Tuesday: mango avocado salsaguacamoletacosnachoscarnitasspicy margsclassic lime marg

Italian Night: bruschettarosemary breadside saladspaghettigarlic butter baked chickenhomemade pizza

Outdoor BBQ: watermelon basil saladpotato saladcowboy caviarteriyaki kebabGreek-inspired kebabs

Breakfast Club: cinnamon rolls, breakfast tacos, banana pancakes, breakfast bagel, overnight oats

Movie & Popcorn

There is honestly nothing better after a long day than staying in and watching a movie. Each week, Kraig and I dedicate at least one night where we pick a movie, make some popcorn, and cozy up for the night. To make this date night even more special, be sure to place your phones in the other room, to ensure your attention is on the movie and spending time with your significant other, instead of scrolling.

Buy Tickets for a Game or Comedy Show

This one speaks for itself! Depending on the time of year, buy tickets to go to a football or hockey game in your area. Or purchase tickets for a comedy show!

Try a New Hobby Together

What is one thing you haven’t done before, that you would love to try out? Is it a pottery class? A sip and paint class? Or is it learning how to snowboard or ski? Pick an activity that you’ve always longed to try and make it a fun date night! Remember, you are the youngest you will ever be, don’t let age get in your way to trying a new hobby. 🤍

Plan Your Next Trip Together

Planning for your next trip can be such an exciting time! This is low key a top hobby of mine. 😂 Are you going to travel with just the two of you? Can you make it a family trip? Friends trip? Plan out the details of where you want to go, googling and Pinteresting top places to stay, where to eat, and things to do.

Listed are my top 5 favorite date night ideas for any time of the year. Have you tried any of them? Comment below to share with others what your favorite date nights are!

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