Our Complete 2023 Christmas Day Menu, Perfect for Our Family’s Festivities

Sharing our complete Christmas Day menu! Our menu focuses on traditional family recipes we make each year. It’s complete with appetizers, sides, mains, desserts, and cocktails!

Our 2023 Christmas Day Menu

Each year I look forward to Christmas – it’s such a wonderful time to catch up with family and friends! We spend our Christmas Eve with extended family, and Christmas Day with immediate family. Both days are packed with delicious meals.


Appetizers are such a fun way to serve a variety of different flavors before the big Christmas meal. We always make:


You can’t have a Christmas meal without a variety of these staple sides:


We prepare the same meal each Christmas – it’s part of our family tradition! Each year, I look forward to these recipes as they bring back so many wonderful childhood memories. Many of our dishes are Czech inspired – these are dishes my great grandmother passed down through our generations:


For desserts, we tend to go overboard with preparing dozens of different Christmas cookies. We have everything from sugar cookies to peanut butter secrets! We also have candied pecans and a cranberry pie to enjoy.


We usually make two to three specialty cocktails, more if requested. These beverages include:

I LOVE being home for Christmas – there’s always so much excitement & love in the air. What are some of your favorite Christmas Day recipes?

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