7 Best Things To Do In Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee is known as the Country Music Capital of the World. It is packed with honky-tonks, southern cuisine, history and art. A weekend in the Music City provides the perfect getaway to experience the unique flare Nashville has to offer.


The best time to visit Nashville, Tennessee is during the summer months. Many restaurants and bars have seating available outside, bringing the Music City to life.

Best Things To Do In Nashville Tennessee

We spent most of our time on Honky Tonk Highway, located on Lower Broadway. Our favorite bars to visit were Honky Tonk Central and Jason Aldean’s Kitchen & Rooftop Bar as the food, music, and atmosphere were lively and exciting. The Honky Tonk Highway is a haven for music and party lovers, there is a bar there for everyone!

Other fun things to do while in Nashville:

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tennessee

The food scene in Nashville is diverse and exciting. Here is a list of fun restaurants to check-out.


Top 7 Best Places To Stay

Nashville, Tennessee is a wonderful place to visit even if you don’t consider yourself a lover of country music. There is something to do in this lively city for everyone!

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