How to Create A Spooky Halloween Charcuterie Board

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A spooky Halloween charcuterie board – a must have for all Halloween parties!

A spooky Halloween charcuterie board - a must have for all Halloween parties!

My sister and I have a love for planning parties. From the food and drinks to the decorations and displays, we love everything about party planning! Because of this, we decided to collaborate to create this halloween themed charcuterie board. See below for the eerie details.

Halloween Charcuterie Board Details

Step #1: Food

The basics of making a good charcuterie board is to gather a variety of ingredients that you and your guests will enjoy, but that also follow along with your theme. Food we generally use every time we make a charcuterie board include guacamole and salsa, a variety of chips, hard salamis, different goat cheeses, aged cheeses, a variety of crackers, jams, olives, dried fruit, fresh fruit and veggies. The key to making a beautiful charcuterie board is to add a variety of colorful foods, dip bowls, serving trays, cheese knives, and a three tiered stand if you are making a larger spread.

Spooky Additions for a Halloween Theme

Okay, now let’s talk about what foods you can prepare to make this a Halloween themed charcuterie board.

Halloween Themed Charcuterie Board

Step #2: Drinks

For our drinks, we added Malibu to the test tubes to be used as shot glasses. We also made the Black Magic Witches Brew Sangria, which was to die for. 💀

Step #3: Decorations  

If you really want to step up your board game, add some decorations! Listed below are a few of the decorations we used, along with others we will be using at our next Halloween party.

If you want to incorporate dry ice, please be sure you’re aware of how to properly handle dry ice to prevent injury. Be mindful that it’s not commonly found in grocery stores, so you may need to purchase in advance to ensure you have enough time to obtain it. Dry Ice Directory can help you find dry ice near you. Once you have the dry ice, add water, dry ice, and different colored highlighters to potions bottles for a frightening addition!

This was such a fun Halloween charcuterie board collaboration! Be sure to check out my sister’s site to see what she all has to offer.🤗

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