Planning a Trip to the Badlands

Planning a trip to Badlands National Park – our first stop on our yearlong honeymoon in our home on wheels!

Planning a trip to the Badlands National Park - our first stop on our yearlong honeymoon in our home on wheels!

Our first stop on our one-year honeymoon was to Badlands National Park, located in South Dakota. We visited at the end of September and had weather ranging from high 80s during the day, to low 50s throughout the night.

Trails to Hike in Badlands National Park

Notch Trail is a simple one-mile hike. There is a ladder to climb and narrow ridges to walk that lead you to an amazing view of the Badlands. This was a fun hike! However, I highly encourage doing this hike at sunrise to beat the crowd. If not, you will be waiting to take your turn at climbing the ladder, which you need to go up in the beginning, and back down at the end of the hike.

Castle trail is a one-way, five mile trail that walks through the badlands, buttes, and prairie. Castle and Medicine Root trail is a 6.6 mile, moderate level hike. And the Castle and Saddle Pass trail is a 3.4 mile, difficult level trail. The trails listed are all in the same general area, so feel free to pick and choose what trail you want to hike when you arrive.

Where to Camp in the Badlands

We stayed at Sage Creek Campground our first night, a first-come-first-serve campground with 22 sites available. I personally love this campground as prairie dogs and buffalo come right up to your campsite – it is a sight to see!

For our second night, we did dispersed camping at The Wall, a campground where you camp at the ridge of a cliff. We heard of this place before and have been eager to try it out. Let’s just say, it is unlike any other place we have stayed at. Be aware it is extremely windy and dusty. Either way, we highly recommend!

Things to Do in the Badlands

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