Our Exciting One-Year Honeymoon Travel Plans

Our one-year honeymoon travel plans – traveling across America in our home on wheels!

Our One Year Honeymoon Adventure
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Van Life – Converting a Ford Transit Into Our Home

After working full-time and renovating two fixer uppers, Kraig and I decided to change-up our plans for a more adventurous future. Our exhilarating idea will allow us to get back both our time and freedom. These plans include our backyard summer wedding, selling our home, and taking our van for a year long honeymoon road trip. The goal behind our decisions is to spend more time together exploring the great outdoors.

We purchased our van back in March of 2022, taking six months to convert it into our tiny home. Our van includes a king-sized bed, kitchen table, oven, sink, fridge, toilet, shower, heater and hot water. All the necessities to live a very comfortable year!

McKenna Marie Photography

Our One-Year Honeymoon Travel Plans

Our wedding date is set for August 20, home move-out date is August 25, and our road trip starts in late September!

We have no solidified plans for our one-year honeymoon. However, we are hoping to head out east right away to enjoy some fall foliage. Once snow begins to fly, we will head south to enjoy the warmer temperatures, then head west into the mountains to finish off the year.

We will be spending the majority of our time outdoors, exploring all the beautiful, vast environments our country has to offer. The National Parks are top on our list! We will be traveling with our dog, Klark, so pre-planning weather and dog friendly areas will be our top priority.

I’m excited for you to follow along as we go out and live an exciting, adventurous, and bold, yearlong honeymoon road trip!

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  1. Your zeal is contagious. It is difficult not to become enthused about the topics you discuss.

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