Planning for Our Backyard Summer Wedding!

Planning for our backyard summer wedding – less than a month away!! To say we are both excited is a complete understatement. 🎉

Our Backyard Summer Wedding Plans

After 2 years of being friends, 5 years of dating, and 10 months of being engaged, we are getting married August 20, 2022!

We landed on our summer wedding date after making a life changing purchase. We bought a van back in March! And are planning to go on a year long honeymoon traveling America. If you want to learn more about our honeymoon ideas, click here. 😊

Planning for our backyard summer wedding has been an exciting whirlwind. With a short engagement, it wouldn’t have been the easiest planning for a traditional wedding ceremony and reception. Which is how we ended up with our wedding plans. 🤍

We will have our wedding in our backyard, spending quality time with family before we head out on our road trip.

Back to the Wedding Details

Alright, so getting back to the details. 🥂🍾

There will be 15 people present to help celebrate our big day. This is the perfect amount of people as it isn’t too many where it is overwhelming. And small enough to zone into planning all the small details!

We rented a few necessities such as dinner tables, chairs, silverware and wine goblets. We are purchasing flowers from a local farmer, catering food from a local farm-to-table restaurant, and stringing lights within the trees that will be covering our dance floor. The vision I have will make this night seem like a dream. ✨

I purchased my dress from Grace Loves Lace in Chicago, 42 days (to be exact) before our wedding. My mom, sister, and I originally planned to go to Chicago that weekend, to spend time together and enjoy the city we love. However, I was able to get a very last minute booking at a wedding dress shop I have been eyeing up for years. So we showed up, I tried on a few dresses, enjoyed a beautiful glass of champagne, and found “the” dress!

Our wedding isn’t the typical traditional wedding with a ceremony followed by a reception on the same day. Regardless of how weddings typically go, we couldn’t be any happier with the plans that we have made! Let the countdown begin!! 😊

Planning for a Wedding

Let’s be real, planning a wedding can become pretty overwhelming. Organization is key! I created the Wedding Planning Checklist shown below to help plan both your wedding and reception.

Feel free to use it to plan your perfect wedding.🤍 Happy planning!

4 responses to “Planning for Our Backyard Summer Wedding!”

  1. Kim says:

    The wedding day turned out beautiful in all aspects!!

    • Abigail says:

      It did! Thank you for all your help in making it even more special!

  2. Al says:

    Congratulations 🍾

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