My Top 8 Favorite High Protein Breakfast Meals

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Sharing my top 8 favorite high protein breakfast meals that will give you the energy to get through those busy mornings.

My top 10 favorite high protein breakfast meals.

I’ve always been a huge fan of breakfast. There’s something so gratifying about eating a delicious, satisfying breakfast to get the day started. With that being said, one thing I always focus on when planning out our menu for the week is creating balanced meals that contain a good source of protein. I’m linking below some of my favorite high protein breakfast meals that keep me full and satiated until lunch.

My Top 8 Favorite High Protein Breakfast Meals

These recipes can either be prepped the night before, or made the morning of – whatever you have time for! However, one thing I do recommend is to use glass containers for storing any leftovers. This makes it easier to see what you have prepared within your fridge while also preventing food waste.

  1. Scrambled Eggs & Goat Cheese Homemade Breakfast Tacos – this is such a simple and quick breakfast option! Feel free to change it up by adding different veggies, or adding a side of fruit to increase fiber.
  2. Sourdough Toast with Jalapeño Butter – sourdough toast is such an elite ingredient. When paired with the jalapeño butter, the combination of flavors and texture is insane.
  3. High Fiber Farmers Market Veggie Frittata – this is one of my favorite recipes to make after visiting the farmers market – add whatever veggies you purchased!
  4. Crispy Bacon Avocado Breakfast Bagel – the bakery purchased bagels are key.
  5. Goat Cheese Sausage Egg Bake – this is a great recipe to make for those lazy Sunday mornings, while also having leftovers for those busy weeks.
  6. Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl – if you’re craving something sweet but satisfying, look no more. This breakfast bowl is packed with nutrition and flavor.
  7. The Ultimate Egg Sandwich – the tomato balsamic sauce adds such wonderful flavor to this sandwich.
  8. High Fiber Green Goddess Smoothie – if you’re needing something quick for on the go, this high protein smoothie is perfect!

Have you tried any of these high protein breakfast meals? If so, comment below! Which one is your favorite?

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