My Morning Routine to Have A More Productive Day

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By starting my day with a consistent morning routine, this ensures I set myself up for a productive, positive day. Follow the tips & tricks listed below, implementing what works best within your lifestyle.

My morning routine to have a more productive day.

Before The Day Even Begins – Focusing on Sleep

What better way to start your morning off right than with a good night’s sleep? Getting adequate sleep is essential; it’s just as important to overall health as eating balanced meals and exercising. Are you getting enough sleep?

Within the First 30 Minutes of Waking

The first 30 minutes of waking is the perfect time to get into a positive mindset. As I turn my alarm clock off, I’ll reach for my journal to set my intentions for the day. While journaling, a non-negotiable is to list 10 things I am grateful for. This could be anything from family and friends, to enjoying a cup of cold brew, to having easy access to running hot water (one thing I will never take for granted, thank you van life 😂). After journaling, I’ll use Insight Timer for guided meditation sessions. Meditation is a great way to release any built-up stress and anxiety.

Within the First Hour of Waking

Consuming a balanced meal, such as my breakfast tacos, is a great way to break your overnight fast, providing your body with the energy it requires to get through the day. Focusing on consuming all three macronutrients within one meal will help balance blood sugars (a concept important for every individual, not just those with diabetes!), provide stable energy, improve body composition, balance hormones, increase optimal athletic performance, and promote satiety until your next meal. Pairing my breakfast meal with a glass of water and a cup of cold brew will also ensure I begin my day hydrated.

While I’m preparing breakfast, I love to listen to a motivating podcast. Two of my favorite podcasts at this time are Life with Marianna and The Mindset Mentor.

10 Before 10 Rule

One rule I have implemented into my routine within the past year has been the 10 before 10 rule. I heard of this idea from a health & wellness expert, and loved the concept! This is such a powerful, yet simple way to ensure you have a productive day.

The 10 before 10 rule is simple – focus on completing a 10-minute task before 10 AM. Depending on what health goal you are focusing on, pick one specific area listed below to implement within your morning routine. This could be:

If possible, get outside to complete these tasks. Especially during the warmer months!

How to Be Successful in Implementing a Consistent Morning Routine for a Productive Day

As with any habit or routine, making small consistent changes is key. Trying to change multiple things at once may cause excess chaos, leading to burnout and discouragement. Start by focusing on making one change per week, then adding another change the next week, and so on so forth until you have created the lifestyle you are happy to live.

Side Tip

If you notice you don’t have enough time to complete your morning routine consistently throughout the week, wake up 15-minutes earlier. If you still need more time, wake up 30-minutes earlier, 45-minutes earlier, etc. To ensure you are still getting adequate sleep each night, make sure you are getting to bed at a reasonable time to make up for the time lost waking up earlier.

Have any questions on how to create a consistent morning routine for a productive day? Leave a comment below!

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