Benefits of Drinking More Water, From A Registered Dietitian’s Perspective

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There are a multitude of benefits to drinking more water. Review the tips below to understand why!

Glass water bottle. There are a multitude of benefits to drinking more water. Review the tips below to understand why!

Benefits of Drinking More Water

Water is essential for all bodily functions. These functions include, but are not limited to, digestion, electrolyte balance, maximizing physical performance, impacting energy levels, improving brain function and concentration, absorption of water-soluble vitamins and minerals, detoxifying liver and kidneys, improving skin elasticity, increasing synovial fluid between the joints, metabolizing foods, transporting nutrients in the body, excreting waste products and maintaining regularity, and strengthening the immune system.

What Are Signs of Dehydration?

Dehydration may be caused by inadequate intake, illness, or excessive sweating. To know if you’re dehydrated, look for these signs and symptoms – dry mouth, muscle cramps, increased heart rate, difficulty concentrating, low energy levels, fatigue, headache, and increased blood pressure. Side note: when you become dehydrated, your blood physically get thicker. Because of this, an increased resistance of blood flow occurs, hence, an increased blood pressure.

Consuming too much alcohol, caffeinated coffee and tea, sugary drinks, and salty foods can promote dehydration. Be sure to limit these beverages and foods to prevent dehydration.

How Much Water Do You Need To Consume Each Day?

A good rule of thumb is to consume half your body weight in ounces. For example, someone who weighs 150 lbs should consume around 75 ounces of water per day. However, if you’re exercising or living in a warmer environment, be sure to increase your fluids.

One simple trick to understand if you’re consuming adequate fluids is to review your urine color. If your urine color is a pale straw color/light lemonade color, you are hydrated. If your urine is dark or an apple juice color, this indicates dehydration. Be mindful, you do not want to aim for clear urine, as this would indicate overhydration which could potentially promote loss of electrolytes.

Tips For Increasing Water Consumption

Did you know water present in foods can count towards your fluid intake? Foods that contain high water content include most fruits and veggies – be sure to add these into meals and snacks to increase both fluids and fiber.

Use a reusable glass water bottle and carry it around with you. I bring my water bottle with me to work, on hikes, when traveling, and will even carry it around the house. It is easier to reach for water when it’s right next to me!

Make a variety of fruit and veggie infused water beverages throughout your days when you are craving a healthy, flavorful drink. The possibilities of combinations are endless!

Tap Water Versus Filtered Water

Tap water has been shown to contain things such as lead, pesticides, bacteria, and chlorine. Filtered water removes around 99% of the impurities found in tap water. I highly encourage consuming filtered water if you are not doing so already.

If you prefer to purchase water from the store, I recommend purchasing The Mountain Valley as it is low in PFAs, which are man-made chemicals.

If you have any questions related to the benefits of drinking more water, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!


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