Valentine’s Day Date Ideas with Your Loved One

Sharing my favorite Valentine’s Day date ideas that are perfect for a low-key evening with your loved one.

Valentine's Day date ideas.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a day filled with love and laughs, whether that’s with family, friends, or a significant other.🤍 I personally love Valentine’s Day as it’s the perfect excuse to prepare some of my favorite sweets and cuddle up on the couch for a cozy evening in. If you prefer to have a low-key evening, then you will love my date ideas shared below!

Make a Valentine’s Day Themed Pizza Night

This is one of Kraig and I’s favorite date nights, I feel like we do this at least once a month! Make it special for Valentine’s Day by making your own homemade pizza dough, shaping it into a heart. I mean, how cute is that! Then, add your favorite toppings. Everything from a deluxe pizza with all the fixings, to a Hawaiian style pizza with pineapple and ham.

Charcuterie Board & Movie Night

There are so many fun ways to design a charcuterie board. I even created a Pinterest board with so many fun ways to curate a unique spread with a variety of my favorite dips and spreads. And what pairs better with a Valentine’s Day themed charcuterie board than a Rom Com movie marathon?!

Wine Night with Artisanal Cheeses & Grapes

For this date night idea, I highly recommend visiting a local grocery store and purchasing a variety of different wines from the same brand. Get everything from Merlot to Pinot Grigio. Then pair this with a variety of cheeses including brie, cremont, and aged cheddar, along with green and red grapes. What flavors are your favorite?

Spa Night & Sweets

Grab your favorite face mask and put on a comfy robe to enjoy a relaxing evening in bed. Be sure to make some sweets, including this Valentine’s Day Cake to share with your loved one!

Did you try any of these Valentine’s Day date ideas? Comment below what you did to celebrate this holiday!

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