Life Update🔑🥰We Bought a Place in Colorado!

Life update – we bought a place in COLORADO! We knew van life was our ticket to moving out here, we just weren’t expecting it to happen so quickly on our road trip.

Life update🥰🔑 we bought a place in Colorado!

I can’t believe it’s already been six months since we moved into our new home!! We went back and forth on purchasing this place for over three months before putting in an offer. And needless to say, we’re so happy we did!!

How We Landed in Colorado

We’ve been traveling together to Colorado for over five years. Vail was actually Kraig and I’s first trip together! We came out for a long weekend, visiting Vail and Breckenridge during the fall season. It was ever since this first trip that we decided to keep coming out to visit some of our friends in the area, while soaking up the stunning views.

When we began our honeymoon, one of our first stops was in Colorado, taking our engagement photos in Estes Park. This is still one of my favorite trips as the fall colors were stunning, food was delicious, and the wildlife viewing was insane! There were so many elk – it truly was a sight to see. After a few more months of traveling, we decided to head back to Colorado to park in our friends driveway and spend the winter snowboarding. Little did we know, by doing so, this would be the end to our van life journey and the start of our next journey. It still gives me goosebumps thinking about it! Kraig and I wake up each morning so thankful for our decision, even if it was absolutely terrifying at the time.

Our Future Plans for Our New Place

The place we purchased is a fixer upper, so we will be spending the next year renovating it to make it our own. With this being our third fixer upper (not including building out our van!), we’ve realized our love for renovations. I already have ideas picked out for our kitchen and bathroom, and honestly, I cannot wait to see the vision come to life! We will be incorporating natural colors from our favorite travels such as evergreen from Colorado, deep blue from Cabo, and brilliant hues of orange and red from Utah sprinkled throughout our new home. I’ve been living on Pinterest for inspiration, as this project will be a test of my interior design skills!

Does This Mean an End to Van Life?

Nope! After living van life, we realized this has become our favorite way to travel. Not only is our van able to withstand a variety of terrains, we’re easily able to travel with Klark. Not to mention, it also saves us quite a bit of money when we travel, as we don’t have to pay for hotels or eating out. It’s safe to say, Kraig and I will always be an owner of a van, so we can continue to travel with ease as our family grows.

Thanks for reading about our exciting life update – I still can’t believe we bought a place in Colorado!! *Pinch me!!*

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