Stunning Fall Photoshoot in Rocky Mountain National Park

Stunning fall photoshoot in Rocky Mountain National Park – a bucket list item.

A fall photoshoot in Rocky Mountain National Park - a bucket list item.
McKenna Marie Photography

Outdoor Photoshoot in Rocky Mountain National Park

When it came down to having our engagement photos, we both knew we wanted them in a location where mountains would be our backdrop. What better place to have a fall photoshoot than in Rocky Mountain National Park?!

When to Visit

Kraig and I actually had our wedding before we had our engagement photos taken. Opposite of what couples tend to do, we know. With less than one year of engagement, we packed in our intimate family backyard summer wedding, purchased our adventure van, built it out for our exciting honeymoon plans, sold our home, and put most of everything we owned into storage. With all this excitement, we didn’t have an opportunity to schedule an engagement photo session prior to our wedding. Which is why we did our photos this past October!

The best time to visit Estes Park, Colorado to see the fall foliage is at the end of September to early October. We had our photos taken on October 4, with the temperature ranging from high 50s to low 60s.

Colorado fall outdoor photoshoot
McKenna Marie Photography

Best Photoshoot Locations in Estes Park, Colorado

We were lucky enough to have two photoshoot locations during our session. For the first location, we went to Horseshoe Park where we twirled through the meadow – how dreamy is that?! Next, we went to Many Parks Curve which had a stunning panoramic view of Rocky Mountain National Park. This second location was only a 15 minute drive from the first, offering stunning views of the Rockies the entire way up. With Many Parks Curve considered a developed area within the National Park, our dog, Klark, was able to take several photos with us. Which worked out perfect since we’re obsessed with him. 😂

Other Tips to Know

You will need a National Park Pass to enter the park, and possibly a timed entry permit if you’re visiting during the effective dates. However, if you’re camping in the park, that will be considered your timed entry permit.

If you are contemplating having a destination photoshoot, don’t second guess it. The photos and memories will be worth it!

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  1. Tim Wilson says:

    The views look amazing and by the sounds of it I should go visit. Thanks for the information.

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