How to Manage a Positive Work-Life Balance

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So far, this year has been nothing short of chaos. From trying to manage a positive work-life balance, to moving across country, to having our reception, and all the travels in-between. I’m sharing my top seven tips on what I’m doing to improve my work-life balance.

How to manage a positive work life balance.

When it comes to managing both a professional and personal life, a state of equilibrium isn’t always the easiest task. It’s a continuous effort of setting realistic boundaries, managing stress, reassessing goals, and creating routines that set your day up to be more positive and productive. I’m listing seven of my top tips that have helped me achieve a positive work-life balance.

Plan Ahead & Stay Organized

When it comes to keeping my weeks organized, one thing that has been extremely helpful has been keeping track of dates and events within a calendar. When life gets chaotic, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. Staying organized can be a game changer.

At the end of each week, I designate 15 minutes to list out my to-dos for each day for the following week. This allows me to stay on track, while keeping my motivation high and stress levels low. One word of advice, be realistic with your to-do list – not everything needs to get done in one week!

Set Blocks of Time For Different Tasks

By designating time each day to complete specific tasks, this helps to get them completed around your most productive times of the day.

Focusing on setting time blocks is a productive way to power through my to-do list. For example, after completing my morning routine, I begin my work day by starting with tasks that take more extensive brain power, as my most productive hours are early in the day. However, as the morning turns into early afternoon, I tend to crave creativity or movement. This is then when I time-block to work on content creation, recipe testing, or moving my body. The key to time blocking is to create a task list in advance – planning ahead and staying organized is crucial.


Unplugging can look a bit different for everyone. But giving yourself a break and decompressing really is key to preventing future burnout. Practicing different tactics such as reading a book, getting outside, watching a movie, or simply setting your phone down to prevent mindless scrolling, can help you feel more productive when it’s time to get back on the clock.

One way I unplug each night is by playing some Frank Sinatra music while preparing dinner. There is something so soothing about listening to relaxing music while our home begins to smell of a homemade meal.

Do Something Outside of Work You Enjoy

Hobbies can boost both energy and vitality. Do you have a hobby you can partake in after the workday?

Prioritize Your Health

By prioritizing your physical, mental, and emotional health, this will make you happier, more productive and ultimately feel better. Prioritizing health can be simple. Start with small, consistent changes such as consuming a balanced meal, staying hydrated, meditating, or moving your body.

Set Boundaries and Work Hours

If possible, set boundaries to prevent working during early mornings, late nights, or weekends. Save that time for participating in your hobbies, spending time with loved ones, or getting things completed on your personal to-do list.

Set Goals and Priorities

Setting achievable goals each week is a great way to keep you disciplined during those busy weeks. I recommend listing your goals in order of priority, to help you complete tasks of higher importance earlier in the week.

Managing a positive work-life balance takes dedication and constant work. However, it is key to living a healthy, happy life. What do you do to promote a positive work-life balance? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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