10 Ways to Create a Successful Year

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With the new year, comes new opportunities and challenges. Listed below are 10 ways to create a successful year.

10 Ways to Create a Successful Year

Organizing Intentions

Design a mood and vision board to help create the year you want. A mood board is designed to collect an aesthetic you enjoy, while the vision board allows you to understand your “why”. Check out my pinterest for ideas I am curating for the new year.

Make attainable and realistic goals to help set direction. Focus on what you want to accomplish in the new year, why you want to accomplish this, and what small changes you can make each day to get closer to achieving your goals. Write your goals down and place them where you can review them daily.

Understand your daily systems, the processes you take that lead to results. What improvements can you make within your morning and/or nighttime routine? Are you spending too much time scrolling on social media? If so, how can you make this time more productive?

Create an environment that will allow you to be successful. For example, place a bowl of fruit on the counter instead of cookies, or place your gym gear next to your bed so you see it when you get up. It is also crucial to surround yourself with supporting individuals to help keep you motivated. Who are you following on social media?

Habits to Keep You on Track

Exercise! This not only allows you to better maintain weight and reduce your risk of developing certain chronic diseases, it also helps to boost mood, increase confidence and energy, and promote better sleep.

Journal, meditate, pray. The good thing about these three habits are that you can do them at any time throughout the day! I tend to journal in the morning to get my day started. However, journaling at night before bed is the perfect time for “braindumps” to release any built up emotion from the day. After journaling, next I use Insight Timer for guided meditation sessions.

Listen to podcasts. This can be done during a commute to work, when getting ready for the day, while exercising, or when preparing a well-balanced meal. Two of my favorite podcasts at this time are Life with Marianna and The Mindset Mentor.

Read. I have scheduled this habit into my nighttime routine. This helps me unwind while also gaining invaluable knowledge – I am currently reading both Atomic Habits and Winning.

Eat well-balanced meals to provide your body with nutrients it needs. Check out my blog for inspo!

Celebrate your successes! This can boost both confidence and motivation.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and successful new year!🎉

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