Brands I love from Whole Foods, as a Registered Dietitian

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Brands approved by a registered dietitian. See what is in my cart at Whole Foods!

Brands I love from Whole Foods, as a dietitian

If you’re like me, you love grocery shopping. Especially when shopping at a grocery store that has all your favorite brands! I tell Kraig this all the time, if he dropped me off at Whole Foods, I could easily spend an entire day looking through all the different isles and researching all the different food companies and brands 🤗 Below is a list of some of my favorite brands I have come across; please note, this is not a complete list, as new brands come out on the market daily!

Food Brands Approved By a Registered Dietitian

When I go grocery shopping, I am specifically looking for:

When feeding my body with these clean ingredients, I feel good, have more energy, more mental clarity, and less food cravings. Not to mention, home cooked meals taste better with high quality ingredients.


Buying organic produce can drastically reduce your consumption of pesticides, which are commonly used within America’s agriculture. Review this source to view the lists of what produce is on the dirty dozen, and what is on the clean 15 to better determine what produce you should be buying organic.


Dave’s Killer Bread is not only delicious, but it also has a clean ingredient list. We purchase a variety of their breads, bagels, and burger buns, too

Silver Hills Little Big Bread contains sprouted whole grains

Organic Ezekiel Bread also contains sprouted whole grains. Their cinnamon raisin flavor is my favorite!

Siete wraps are perfect for any breakfast taco or sandwich wrap

Meat & Seafood

Look for these brands when purchasing beef, venison, bison, elk, and chicken. Always be sure to purchase grass fed, pasture raised meats for highest quality.

When purchasing seafood, look for wild caught, Alaskan seafood for highest quality. Kvaroy Arctic is also a great brand to purchase salmon through – they are a sustainable salmon-farm located in Norway, that is working towards redefining the salmon-farming industry.

Pantry Staples

Lucini has a variety of pantry staples including cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic tomato sauces, and balsamic vinegar

Chosen Foods has a great option for avocado oil, mayo, and salad dressings

Kettle & Fire is a staple in our household. I always purchase the “bone” broth to increase the amount of protein

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey is a raw honey packed with antioxidants!

EPIC Provisions has tasty meat sticks that are perfect for any hiking snack

Artisana Foods have a variety of nut butters

Nutiva has some great options for organic cold pressed coconut oil

Lotus Foods has a variety of tasty rice and noodle products. I love using their ramen noodles in my Sweet Chicken Ramen recipe – have you tried that recipe yet?!

OTAMOT has a variety of organic sauces

One Degree Organic Foods is one of the only brand I purchase for oats!

Lovebird is the cleanest cereal I have ever seen! Not to mention, the mission behind this company is truly amazing 🤍

Siete Family Foods always has wonderful products. I also love their taco seasoning, hot sauce, and Mexican Wedding Cookie!

Death Wish Coffee Co organic coffee that is better than any coffee I’ve ever had before! They also have some fun seasonal flavors with the best ingredient list

Mother Raw has a few salad dressings. The Organic Japanese Dressing is legit 🔥

Arrowhead Mills has organic flours for all your baking needs!

Santa Cruz Organic has a clean peanut butter option where the ingredient list is simply organic roasted peanuts and salt

LesserEvil love love love the Popcorn Himalayan Sweetness!

Simply Organic has the best organic spices and vanilla extract

Dairy & Eggs

Maple Hill has a variety of 100% grass fed dairy products

MALK Organics has the cleanest ingredient list for any nut milk out there that I have seen

Stonyfield Organic has a great grass fed, Greek yogurt option

Vermont Creamery has a variety of goat cheese options

Vital Farms has a great option for grass fed, unsalted butter, and pasture raised eggs


UNREAL has so many delicious sweets with the cleanest ingredient list!

Eating Evolved has some great options for different flavored chocolate bars


The Mountain Valley is a great sparkling water low in PFAS

Evolution Fresh has a variety of delicious juices!

Harmless Harvest has a great choice for organic coconut water

Vive Organic has a variety of tasty immunity shots

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