29 Things About Me to Celebrate My 29th Birthday 🧁

In honor of turning 29 this month, here are 29 random things about me. 🎉 Cheers to another year!

29 random things about me for my 29th birthday.

29 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’m a Registered Dietitian with my Masters degree in Nutrition. I consider myself to be a holistic dietitian, specializing in weight loss, preventative care, type 2 diabetes, and sports nutrition.
  2. I have two older sisters who I talk to basically every day.
  3. I am extremely family oriented – family over everything.
  4. I would prefer to live in the mountains and vacation at the beach…😏
  5. I obtained my bachelor’s degree at UW-Stout, where I also met my husband, Kraig. 🤎
  6. I could watch Harry Potter on repeat – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is my all-time favorite.
  7. I am hands down a country girl, never been a city girl. 😂
  8. I loooovee animals. I thought about becoming a veterinarian before deciding to become a dietitian.
  9. It’s been a dream of mine to have a homestead. I grew up with my parents gardening and canning food, which taught me at a young age the importance of being self-sustaining.
  10. I am a huge advocate for regenerative farming.
  11. My love language is quality time. As long as I am with loved ones, I don’t need much else in life to be happy.
  12. I grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin, then eventually moved down to Milwaukee where Kraig and I lived for four years.
  13. I created Abigail Jean as a creative outlet, which has grown into a platform used to teach individuals how to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
  14. I virtually attend church services from a non-denominational church back in Wisconsin. God is so good. 🤍
  15. Kraig and I had our summer wedding with immediate family in our backyard. 🥂🍾 What made this day even more special, was that this was our first home we purchased together!
  16. I could eat Mexican cuisine every day – I am a huge fan of tacos, nachos, carnitas, and margaritas.🌮
  17. Kraig and I have renovated two fixer uppers, built out a Ford Transit, and are in the process of building out our next home.😍 We share a love for remodeling!
  18. I have always loved exercising. I ran cross country middle school through high school, and began weight lifting and performing HIIT and plyometric workouts in college.
  19. I worked part-time as a dietetic technician during undergraduate school.
  20. Before working as a dietetic technician, I worked in a bakery ran by a holistic medical oncologist. We would make bread each week that was allergen-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, corn-free, and nut-free.
  21. Gilmore Girls is my favorite TV show, closely followed by That ’70s Show.
  22. Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love all the cozy foods, snow days, all winter activities, and especially the decorations that go along with it!
  23. I love traveling. Our goal for doing van life was to see all the beautiful vast environments our country has to offer, while helping to determine where we wanted to purchase our next home.
  24. Enjoying a cup of cold brew coffee is my favorite way to get any day started.
  25. I enjoy reading and writing, hence another reason why I started my blog.
  26. I love all four seasons. They all have so much to offer!
  27. I worked with the sports dietitian at UW-Stout for a year, helping educate athletes on how to properly fuel their body. I worked with football, baseball, basketball, track & field, and cross country athletes. While in college, my goal was to become a NHL sports dietitian.
  28. I’m a “cup is half-full” type of person – there is always something to be grateful for.
  29. I am very future orientated, I’m always planning ahead. 😂

I hope you enjoyed reading these 29 random facts about me! I am beyond thankful to be where I am today and so excited to see what the future has to bring – cheers to 29!! 🎉

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