Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Bear Country

Great Smoky Mountains National Park borders between North Carolina and Tennessee. The diversity of plant and animal life, temperature climate, winding streams, and stunning waterfalls makes the Great Smoky Mountains a sight to see.

Great Smoky Mountains - things to do, places to eat, and hikes to walk!

We spent about a week exploring the Smokies during the month of November. We were lucky enough to be in a heat wave, with weather ranging between high 60s to low 70s during the day. However, typical weather ranges between low 40s to high 50s this time of year.

Top Five Hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

With over 150 hikes to choose from, here are the top five hikes we recommend.

As always, be sure to get to the trailhead early in the day for less trail traffic.

Snacks to Pack For your Smoky Mountain Hikes

If you are looking for snack inspiration to pack for your next hike, try out the four ingredient trail mix to fuel your next adventure. I created another blog post that reviews quick and easy snack ideas that you can either prepare at home or purchase at the store. Always be prepared and pack enough snacks and water for each hike!

Campgrounds In the Great Smoky Mountains

We traveled to the Great Smoky Mountains in the month of November. With that being said, many of the campgrounds were closed for the season. We stayed at Elkmont Campground and Smokemont Campground, two of the only few campgrounds that are open year-round. Both were beautiful campgrounds!

Quick word of advice: if you are visiting during the colder months, be mindful and plan ahead for any road closures.

If you are visiting and Blue Ridge Parkway is open, we highly encourage you to take this scenic drive! It was closed when we visited. However, we plan to go back one day to drive America’s favorite drive.

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